Split Pea Soup / Leftover Ham

When I bake a ham, there are always lots of leftovers. I always make sure I dice up a bunch of the ham and freeze it in two cup portions, roughly. I don’t actually measure. I fill a few sandwich bags of diced ham and then put each sandwich bag in a gallon freezer bag. […]

Lo-Mein with Leftover Ham and Never-The-Same-Way-Twice Soup

Leftovers. A blessing and a curse at times. I went all out for Christmas and roasted a turkey and baked a ham. Our turkey gets used up pretty quickly between sandwiches and a great turkey soup I made. I made the broth from the carcass on Christmas evening after dinner. Refrigerated it in a big […]

Ham and Swiss Cheese Noodle Bake

Leftover Ham? Let’s see, there’s scrambled eggs with ham, quiche, ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches, split pea soup, macaroni and cheese with ham, grilled cheese and ham sandwiches… Oh, the list could go on and on. This is similar to macaroni and cheese but is made with egg noodles and Swiss cheese. I cut the […]

Pulled Pork

I picked this recipe up off the Internet somewhere and have only modified it slightly. Pork shoulder is one of the only meats that will go on sale around here for less than $1/pound. The first time I bought it I had no idea what to do with it so posted a request to a […]