Pulled Pork

I picked this recipe up off the Internet somewhere and have only modified it slightly. Pork shoulder is one of the only meats that will go on sale around here for less than $1/pound. The first time I bought it I had no idea what to do with it so posted a request to a […]

Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches

In my family, nothing says summer like home-grown tomatoes. My children have been known to burst into song, singing John Denver’s ode to home grown tomatoes: “There’s just two things that money can’t buy; that’s true love and home grown tomatoes!” We grow tomatoes every year and eat them for 3 meals a day it […]

Taco Meat Pies

Easy Taco Meat Pies. Hamburger was on sale the other day so I boiled up 5 pounds. Put four 1-pound bags of it in the freezer for later and left 1 pound (about 2.5 cups) in the frig for dinner another night. I needed an easy dinner so I browsed through a few cookbooks and […]

Friday Night Pizza

Dinner last night was Friday pizza – a tradition for many years around here. It used to be takeout, of course, but that is NOT a frugal meal–although delicious. Last night was the best pizza I’ve done yet, I think. I made a big batch of pizza dough with my dough hook in the mixer. […]