Buttermilk Ranch Dressing from Simply Salads

I’m posting this recipe for buttermilk ranch dressing from Simply Salads (affiliate link) for my youngest. This is her most often-requested recipe. She especially likes it as part of a barbecue chicken salad from the same book. The salad has a black bean and corn salsa, avocados and lettuce and is topped with grilled chicken […]

Easiest Blue Cheese Dressing with Three Ingredients

First the recipe. I spotted this three ingredient blue cheese recipe in The Food Lab (affiliate link) right after I’d gone through the cheese drawer and noted that I had two things of blue cheese.  I had also just bought buttermilk so voila! It tasted great! It’s definitely the easiest blue cheese dressing I’ve made. […]

Homemade Cream Soup Base

You can easily make your own “cream of whatever” soup for reasons of economy or taste with a basic white sauce, a homemade cream soup base.  Here is the base recipe for a white sauce and some variations so you can stay away from the canned soups. Homemade Cream Soup Base 2 Tbs butter 2 […]

Easy Marinara Sauce

This simple marinara sauce comes from Lidia’s Commonsense Italian Cooking: 150 Delicious and Simple Recipes Anyone Can Master (Amazon link). It’s just got a few simple ingredients but if you start with good canned tomatoes, you’ll end up with a tasty marinara sauce. It’s great as is or you can add cooked meatballs to it and […]

How to Make Homemade Russian Dressing

The other night I set out to make Reuben sandwiches and for that you need know how to make Russian dressing. You could buy it of course but that’s no fun!  There’s lots of variations in recipes, although most have ketchup (or chili sauce), mayonnaise and horseradish. After that, you might have minced or grated […]