Bubble and Squeak (Colcannon) Revised

I’ve made bubble and squeak several times but I’ve always made it by cooking the cabbage and potatoes separately or using leftover mashed potatoes. As I was thumbing through Joy of Cooking (Amazon link) the other night I saw that they cook the potatoes and cabbage (and green onions) together in one pot, then mash […]

Lidia’s Red Cabbage and Bacon Salad

I bought a red cabbage the other day to add to a chopped salad but that leaves plenty left for other things. I originally thought to braise some but opted instead to try this red cabbage and bacon salad from Lidia’s Italy in America. (affiliate link) It’s pretty simple, other than the work of slicing […]

Red Cabbage Slaw with Lemon-Ginger Dressing

This slaw with red cabbage, carrots and red peppers has a nice lemon ginger dressing. You could also use a regular vinaigrette or even mayonnaise-based coleslaw dressing.   It went great with a grilled flank steak and grilled vegetables, offering a nice crunch and beautiful colors. The original recipe had sliced snow peas as well (blanched […]

Bubble and Squeak

From the first time I heard the name I wanted to make this one day! I liked it; the kids were so-so, but I made this a long time ago. I should try it again soon and see if their tastes have changed. Excuse the sorry picture–it’s quite a few years old! equal parts chopped […]

Simple Cooked Cabbage

I do like cabbage but I am not particularly fond of cabbage that has been cooked to death.  I find the simple steam/saute method works great with cabbage (and many other vegetables!).  Basically, you simmer the vegetable in a mix of butter (or other fat) and water (or broth) until the liquid has evaporated and […]