Kale and Pomegranate Salad

I haven’t been tempted to buy a new cookbook in quite a while. I’ve been using the library to explore instead. But I went with my eldest to the bookstore Sunday morning and saw Jenny Rosenstrach’s How to Celebrate Everything. After looking through it, I decided to buy it. I really enjoyed her previous book, […]

Easy Appetizers: Hearts of Palm Wrapped in Ham, Baked Kale

I always debate about trying new recipes when friends come over or sticking with the tried and true. I went with the familiar for dinner the other night but the odd for appetizers, including the hearts of palm with ham. I remembered an appetizer I made for a family gathering that was a big hit.  […]

Raw Kale Salad from Dr. Weil

Everyone seems to be touting the health benefits of kale. I’ve used it in soups before but I think that’s about it. I decided to try a raw kale salad after a friend mentioned how good it was and went looking for something simple and easy.  This one from Dr. Weil is about as easy […]

Collard Greens

I tried to do what I read is the traditional Southern New Year’s dinner. I did not grow up eating many leafy greens other than spinach, chard, and I think maybe beet greens now and then and I doubt my mother ever cooked anything with salt pork or a ham hock! I do use both […]