Chard and Ricotta Pie

I keep trying to like chard, partially because it seems to grow so readily here!  But I’m not a huge fan.  The other night I made this chard and ricotta pie because I had chard in the garden and ricotta in the fridge that needed using up.

I used Parmesan cheese and half and half instead of milk.  And I baked it in a rectangular baking dish instead of a pie dish.  And I think I had more stems than “normal” because the chard was from my garden.  (I think they cut off the stems before selling in the stores because most people probably throw them away.)

I only used 3 eggs because Pearl, the only hen who is laying these days, lays extra large eggs!

I liked the egg and cheese part of this but have decided I really just don’t love the earthy flavor of chard but I do think this would be fantastic with spinach too. (And I’ll probably keep growing chard because it is easy and I can share it and I like it in small doses and the chickens love it!)

I shared this with a neighbor who loves chard and she thought it was great and wanted the recipe so I pointed her to the Eating the Garden blog and pretty much told her what I’ve written down here as to what I did.



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