How to Cut Up Chard

My daughter watched me prepare some chard to cook and said “Wait! Why didn’t you teach me how to cut up chard this way?” It’s just something I do without thinking about, I guess. So to make up for not teaching her this earlier, I’ll show all of you!

You need to separate the stems from the leaves because they take a little longer to cook.


Take a leaf of chard and fold the leaf in half so you expose the thick stem.


How to Cut Up Chard

Cut along the stem until you get to a thin part. You don’t have to cut the entire stem out, just the thickest part.



Pile the leaves up and chop them. Line the stems up and chop them.


This is Bright Lights chard. Isn’t it pretty?

I usually just saute the stems in a bit of olive oil until they start to soften, then I add the chopped leaves with whatever water is still on them from washing.  Sometimes I add minced garlic. Cook until done, salt lightly and serve with some lemon to squeeze over it. Or vinegar. Either is good.



Other chard recipes include:




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