Grilled Tri Tip Roast with Montreal Steak Seasoning

grilled tri tip

Grilled Tri Tip

This is yet another of the few mixes I really like.  I buy it at Costco at a price that is hard to beat but if you want to make your own I found this recipe online. I’ve used it on chicken and steak as well as fried potatoes and grilled asparagus. Last night I used it on a tri tip roast.

Pull the roast out of the refrigerator about an hour before grilling and trim the fat off it.  Sprinkle Montreal Steak Seasoning (or even just salt and seasoned pepper or plain pepper) on all sides and let sit to come to room temperature.

Preheat your grill.

Grill the roast for 2-3 minutes per side over direct heat, then turn one of the burners off and move the roast over to there to cook on indirect heat. (I use a gas grill. With charcoal you’d have to build the briquettes over to one side of your grill so you have a spot to cook it indirectly.)

Cook about 15 minute, then check with a thermometer. You want an internal temperature of about 130F and the timing will depend on  your fire and the thickness of your tri tip.  Pull it off the grill when it hits the right temperature inside and let it rest 5-10 minutes covered loosely with foil before slicing.  This should give you a variety of medium well done to medium rare since the tri tip is shaped with some thin and thick parts.

Leftovers are great in a nice steak salad or for tacos or burritos or some kind of pannini sandwich.





  1. Wow. It’s me that made the mistake when I was still learning. In fact, I am still learning so I’ll probably make some more.

  2. You morons cut this with the grain not against!!! duuuuuhhhh???


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