Swiss Chard

I’m growing some rainbow colored chard growing in the garden. I think it’s called Bright Lights but my gardening blog is so far out of date I didn’t note it down! Suffice it to say, it grows fairly easily around here from seed and I just keep cutting and cooking it. I like it and know it’s healthy. I have one daughter who likes it and one who tolerates it. Same one who loves spinach likes chard. I find chard a bit more “earthy” flavored somehow. The rainbow colored stems make for a colorful dish.

I asked a friend for some ideas, because she really likes chard and had just taken some from my garden. I figured a new recipe was a fair barter. 😉 She wrote:

I boiled the stems for about 7 minutes and then drained them. I cut up the leaves and put them and 2 cloves of garlic and some olive oil in a fry pan and sauteed them. I added some red wine vinegar. They were the highlight of everyone’s dinner and so fresh. I had leftovers today at lunch and the chard was the best part again. Yummy and Thanks!!

I did this when my niece and her friend came for dinner on Tuesday night. My niece loves chard and loved this. She also took a healthy portion of fresh cut chard from the garden home to cook another night, as well as apples and lemons.

Last night I substituted some sliced red onion for the garlic. I think next time I might use both onion AND garlic. You could use lemon juice instead of vinegar, if you want. I also use lemon juice with spinach and vinegar with chard for some reason.



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