Pasta with Baked Cherry Tomatoes

Our larger tomatoes are ripening slowly this year, which is surprising given the heat. But our cherry tomato plants are going crazy! We’ve been adding them to everything, making nectarine and cherry tomato salads (because my nectarine tree is also in full production mode, slicing them and adding them to quesadillas, making salsa, and of […]

Zucchini Casserole with Green Chiles

This is the fourth zucchini casserole recipe I’ve posted. This is a very simple one, more egg than custard like some of the others. I like squash casseroles because you can leave them plain or dress them up–and they’re good either way. I made this one with all zucchini because that’s what I’m growing in […]

Roast Zucchini and Tomatoes with Bread Crumbs

These Roast Zucchini and Tomatoes with Bread Crumbs aren’t really stuffed, just topped with bread crumbs, herbs and cheese rather than stuffed with rice, chopped vegetables or meat. Soft vegetables like tomatoes I just lay the bread crumb mixture on top and bake until the vegetable is soft and the bread crumbs have crisped up […]

Grated Carrot Salad

We celebrated my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday Sunday afternoon with everyone bringing a dish to share and the hosts cooking a fabulous piece of salmon and some steak. I debated about what to bring and decided to bring something that I could mostly make ahead that didn’t require any heat (it’s been in the 90’s┬áhere regularly […]

Two Ways to Cook Spiralized Zucchini

Being able to walk out into the garden and pick zucchini for dinner is great. Last year my plants went crazy and I had zucchinis galore as well as lots of squash blossoms. My plants are slower this year (I tried a different spot in the garden) and I don’t have nearly the production I […]