Breakfast Burritos

My youngest has decided she loves breakfast burritos but I can’t cook them every day. Sunday I made a huge batch of fried potatoes and scrambled eggs with some cheese mixed in. Then I wrapped up a bunch of breakfast burritos and froze them. Pulled one out for her breakfast today and she was thrilled! […]

Make-Ahead Breakfasts

When you make pancakes or French toast, make LOTS. Layer them on a cookie sheet and freeze till they’re solid. Then put them into a freezer bag or container. In the mornings, pull out what you need and either microwave or toast the pancakes or French toast and have a nice hot breakfast with no […]

Do Ahead French Toast

If you’re having company for breakfast or brunch, here’s a bit of a special do-ahead of French Toast. You can also do a plain version, with just milk instead of orange juice, of course, but the OJ really adds a nice touch.

Apple Puff Pancake

This apple puff pancake makes a fun breakfast.  This will serve two light eaters so you may want to make more!