Blender Hollandaise and Eggs Benedict

My youngest discovered Eggs Benedict while going out for breakfast a while back. I’d promised I’d make them at home sometime, although I readily admit I’d never made Hollandaise Sauce and never poached an egg! The egg poaching turned out to be quite simple. I filled a skillet most of the way with water, adding […]

Fried Egg Sandwiches

This is almost too easy to mention but my kids are suddenly taken with them, so what the heck. Fry an egg. Make toast. Put the fried egg between the slices of toast and eat. It actually makes for a pretty quick weekday breakfast. Much better than bowl of sugared cereal! Detailed directions: Put the […]

Deviled Eggs

This is a great party food that has gone in and out of favor. Variations: Use Dijon mustard and/or add chopped olives.  

Onion Quiche

I made a quiche last night that came out wonderfully.  You can bake this in a large pie pan or a quiche pan, which I find I use quite a lot. I have a white Corningware quiche pan (affiliate link) like the one below.