Grocery Budget Tips

I don’t have a “budget” per se. I do track what I spend on everything though. I can see what areas I need to cut down on and which would have the biggest impact. And I know about what I need each month. I also know areas where I can cut down if I have […]

Cheap Shopping

CheapCooking requires cheap shopping, of course. Reading your grocery flyers, making your menu plan based on what’s on sale and/or stocking up on the really good deals are a must. You’ll still need a price book to keep track of prices, of course, but the folks at MyGroceryDeals can give you a helping hand on […]

Smart Shopping

Let’s Play Restaurant has rounded up a few good articles from on smart food shopping. I liked the quiz you can take on supermarket shopping. I quibble with one of their answers about coupons but the rest of it is interesting. I saw some other areas that may be worth exploring over there, including […]