Cheap Shopping

CheapCooking requires cheap shopping, of course. Reading your grocery flyers, making your menu plan based on what’s on sale and/or stocking up on the really good deals are a must. You’ll still need a price book to keep track of prices, of course, but the folks at MyGroceryDeals can give you a helping hand on reviewing the advertised specials at your local grocery store. I actually had a similar idea a few years ago but never followed up on it. I’m glad someone else had more follow-through! It’s a free service so give it a try and see if it brings your grocery bill down.



  1. Thanks Vicky. I fixed the link.

  2. Ellen,

    I visit your site regularly…its great! I thought you might want to know that your link to MyGroceryDeals is not working right. I’ve used that website and its a very useful resource.



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