Baked Creamy Cauliflower

Searching through the vegetable bin this evening, I saw the cauliflower I’d bought earlier. My cauliflower always ends up with (or starts with?) grey spots on it, but I just cut them off. I’m guessing that just means they’re a bit older than they should be. The joys of supermarket shopping. Anyway, I’ve done Fried […]

Corn & Potato Chowder, BBQ Beef Sandwiches

I had a boring cooking week, as I mentioned before. Then we ordered a pizza on Friday night and I was out to a friend’s last night. Tonight I needed to use up some of the leftover London Broil I fixed Thursday night. In fact, I should probably freeze the rest of it as it’s […]

Baked Apples

  I remember my mom making these in the winter for dessert. They would bake while we ate dinner and you could smell the aroma as it filled the house.  

Cinnamon Oranges

I have an orange tree, totally full of delicious oranges right now, so we eat them several times a day. We juice them. We cut them in half and freeze for a treat later (eat them still frozen with a spoon). We make candied orange peels. We add them to fruit smoothies. We eat them […]

Pot Roast Recipe

I bought a boneless chuck roast a few days ago, thinking about pot roast. It was kind of funny that when I went through my cookbooks and looked up some roast recipes I remembered I noticed I’d always made them in January! (I tend to note in the cookbooks the dates when I first try […]