Lo-Mein with Leftover Ham and Never-The-Same-Way-Twice Soup

Leftovers. A blessing and a curse at times. I went all out for Christmas and roasted a turkey and baked a ham. Our turkey gets used up pretty quickly between sandwiches and a great turkey soup I made. I made the broth from the carcass on Christmas evening after dinner. Refrigerated it in a big […]

Rainbow Turkey Soup

Ah, soup night! I made the broth Monday from the turkey carcass and refrigerated it in a big old pickle jar. Tonight I skimmed off the fat that had solidified. I remember the first time I made turkey broth. I pulled it out of the fridge the next night to make soup and got very […]

Stracciatelle or “Rag Soup”

I still have some spinach from the big bag I bought at Costco. We had chicken the other night, so I had made broth from the bones and scraps, figuring on making soup. One of my daughters is on half-days at school this week so I thought welcoming her home with a nice bowl of […]

Corn Chowder

Soup time! Corn chowder last night, which I made from a conglomeration of recipes. I served it last night with Welsh Rarebit. Tonight with the girls gone I sautéed some diced red peppers in a bit of butter and added them to the corn chowder. They added a nice bit of crunch!

Middle Eastern Inspired Chicken Soup

My mom gave me this soup recipe a few months ago and for some reason I just got around to trying it. Delicious! A bit spicy for kids but I imagine you could leave out the cayenne pepper and it would be a hit. She had peas, dill, and lemon juice added at the end […]