Chicken Broth: Homemade is Best

Yesterday I mentioned that since I wanted some cooked chicken AND my chicken broth supply was low, I bought a whole chicken even though they were not on sale.  Made some lovely “poached” chicken basically, plus some to-die-for broth. Poured the broth through a strainer and into two large jars I keep for this and popped them in the fridge yesterday. More details on how to make your own chicken broth here.

My college girl came home from college sick this afternoon and as she lay on the couch, feverish, said “Do you have any chicken broth?”  Well, yes I do!  Needed a bit more salt I noticed after I warmed up a mugful, so stirred that in. Definitely hit the spot for her.  She didn’t even want soup. Just broth.  Several mugfuls over the course of the day.  Plus some Jello and fruit juice.

Sorry she’s sick but so happy I had this on hand in the fridge. Also, so happy that this is what she craved.



  1. I love the whole chicken chicken broth and do it often. I like buy a rotisserie bird from the groc. along with a raw one. I save the bones from the cooked one and throw them in the crock pot with the raw one. A little salt is all you need for so many dishes.

  2. I did the same thing for me. Luckily for me I had made stock a wekk before.

    Mine was turned into a spicy tortilla soup with lots of Tabasco, lime and cilantro. Totally rejuvinating. The miracles of chicken broth.

    So glad to hear you were at the ready for taking care of your college girl. They can be so independent. It’s nice to know that they need you once in a while….


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