Pickling Things

I love pickled things. As I mentioned earlier I am growing some dill in the garden.   I don’t have any dill heads yet to use in pickling but do have the sprigs.   Here’s a picture of the dill crock I mentioned before, in one of my new Pickl-It jars.

Dill Crock

Doesn’t that look delicious?




  1. Thanks for the explanation. As I now understand the description/function, that’s a really cool idea. Will you be making any sauerkraut or sour cabbage this year? (I love sour cabbage)

    This week is my harvest tipping point. We’ve finally got more vegetables from our CSA than I can finish in a week or two. So, this weekend I’m going to pick up some fresh dill from the farmer’s market (mine bolted) and will make a few jars of spicy pickled sugar snap peas and those gorgeous jewels, pickled beets. Small batches of each, a little weekend project, much easier than full production processing and canning.

  2. CJ, they’re for anaerobic lacto-fermentation, brine-based preservation. So you don’t want a tight seal but need to keep the surface protected. The stem on top lets the gasses bubble up but there is water inside to keep the seal intact. There’s also a glass piece that weighs down the vegetables to keep them under the brine.

  3. Yes it does.
    Please let us know more about those jars. The ups and down sides. Ease of usage and your thoughts after using them. That stem on top is odd and I am wondering what it’s for.

    Have a great weekend!


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