Cinnamon Sugar Topping

cinnamon sugar mix in jar

Cinnamon Sugar

I like to keep a small jar of cinnamon and sugar mixed up together.  You can use this for cinnamon and sugar toast, yogurt topping, coffee cakes, muffin topping and so forth.  It really comes in quite handy.

Vary the ratio to suit your individual tastes.

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons cinnamon

Mix together and store in a jar.  I usually use a bit more cinnamon than this but this is a good starting point I think.  I tend to just mix it up by color at this point.

I swear I saw this for sale somewhere at some outrageous price and I thought “Really?!”  It’s sugar and cinnamon, c’mon.  But then I thought I should post this as people may not think of mixing it up ahead of time. When I was younger, I only used it for toast and would just sprinkle the toast with sugar and then cinnamon.  But it is quite handy to have around for baking.




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