Sauteed potatoes

Sautéed potatoes go great with almost any meat for dinner. Or serve them with eggs for breakfast, of course! Potatoes are on sale around here, .99 for a 10 pound bag of Russets. For dinner yesterday I made these to go with some barbecued flank steak.

Peel potatoes. Cut into 1/2″ slices, then cut those into 1/2″ pieces (so you end up with 1/2″ square “sticks”) then turn them sideways and cut into 1/2″ pieces. It’s a fast easy way to dice them.

Heat up a bit of oil and butter in a skillet (half of each). Put the potatoes in and stir up a bit to coat, then let them cook 5 minutes or so on medium heat until beginning to brown. Turn them, sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper and let brown. Keep turning them until they’re as brown as you like them. (We like them a bit crisp.) Goes great with just about any meat or for breakfast, of course. Add some diced onions if you’d like, although they’re quite good plain.




  1. In Spain, we add a dash of hot sauce (ketchup, mayo and paprika or tabasco), to make ‘Patatas Bravas’, which goes great with something like chicken for dinner or can be a lunch on their own or with salad.

  2. gabriela says:

    sound so easy but you just dhowed me how to make them. Thanx!


  1. […] with an extra, which I stuck in the frig. The next morning at breakfast the same child begged for sauteed potatoes (just peeled, diced, and fried in a bit of olive oil and butter usually) but they take a while to […]

  2. […] Sauteed Potatoes -One of personal favorites for breakfast or dinner. Peel (if you like) and dice the raw potatoes. Cook up in bacon grease until done if you’re feeling sinful. For a healthier alternative cook them up in a bit of olive oil or a mixture of olive oil and butter. Add some diced onion and green pepper if you’d like. Use leftover baked potatoes for these as well. […]


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