Waste Not, Want Not: Making Bread Crumbs

stale baguette and grater

Making Bread Crumbs

The other day we had two families over for dinner.  As part of the feast, we had bought a couple of baguettes to serve up with spinach dip. We didn’t eat them all up of course. I ate a few slices toasted with sliced tomatoes for breakfast the next day but  baguettes go stale fast!  Luckily, they also make great bread crumbs.

There are lots of ways to make bread crumbs but I find a box grater, shown in the picture, to be the easiest for stale bread. (It doesn’t work for fresh bread.)

After grating the bread, I store the bread crumbs in the freezer.

If you’re making bread crumbs from bread that hasn’t gone stale yet, you might want to use a food processor or heavy-duty blender, then dry them in the oven on a low setting for a bit.

bread crumbs

Bread Crumbs




  1. Yes, I find the grater much easier to deal with than bothering with cleaning up the food process or blender. And you don’t end up with big chunks.

  2. Thank You for the grater idea! I will use this. We use the breadcrumbs in meatballs.


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