Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins

We bought a large pack of fresh blueberries the other day. My daughter loves them plain, in pancakes, with yogurt, etc.  I may end up freezing some in the next couple of days but I took the opportunity to make some blueberry muffins. I started with a recipe in Joy of Cooking, and combined the […]

Really Good Cornbread – Baked in an Iron Skillet

We all love cornbread but I don’t seem to make it often somehow.  However, I barbecued ribs for Memorial Day and you just have to have cornbread with ribs I think!   I tried Mark Bittman’s recipe, which had a heavier corn meal to flour recipe than my old standby recipe for cornbread.  I freely substitute […]

Red Lobster Biscuits with Cheese

My girls got to go to Florida recently, to help celebrate their grandparents’ 60th anniversary.  They went to a Red Lobster restaurant while there and loved the Cheddar Biscuits, among other things.   We used to go now and then when they were little but don’t have one nearby anymore.  My eldest asked if I […]

Soda Bread

I used to make this now and then and somehow got out of the habit. On St. Patrick’s Day I like to honor the small bit of Irish ancestry I have and made this Irish Coddle. I also made some Soda Bread to go with it and my eldest loved the bread. It’s probably a […]

No Knead Bread from The New York Times

Last night after dinner I started the New York Times’ famous no knead bread.  I definitely need to add more flour (or maybe cornmeal) to the towel next time because my bread stuck to it when I tried to dump it into the pan. But no matter. It still came out great! And it’s so […]