How to Dice Potatoes and Onions

In many recipes, you are called upon to slice or dice or chop potatoes. A long time ago, I learned that taking a bit of time to be methodical up-front to save a lot of time (and get more even pieces). Early in my cooking days, I just chopped wildly, rocking the knife back and […]

Things to Make with Leftover Potatoes: Baked and Mashed

I made baked potatoes the other night for dinner but one child didn’t eat hers so I was left with an extra, which I stuck in the fridge. The next morning at breakfast the same child begged for sauteed potatoes (just peeled, diced, and fried in a bit of olive oil and butter usually) but […]

Potato Pancakes and Bratwurst

Potato pancakes are a favorite around here in the fall. I serve them with applesauce and sometimes some chicken or sausage. The other night I had some bratwurst that I thawed. Simmered and Grilled Bratwurst 1 can cheap beer 1/2 onion, chopped a few bratwurst Looking on the Internet, I saw that a common way […]

Potatoes Romanoff (Do Ahead Mashed Potatoes)

We had company for dinner last night. I like to have as much done ahead of time so that I have time to visit and talk. These potatoes taste great and are easy for entertaining as you can do them earlier in the day and just refrigerate until about 30 minutes before you want to […]

Fried Potatoes

You can use raw or cooked potatoes for fried potatoes. Call them “sauteed” if you want to sound healthier! If I have raw potatoes I tend to peel them. If I have (or create) leftover baked potatoes, I just dice them. In fact, I’ll sometimes make extra baked potatoes so I can make these quickly […]