Menu Planning – Free Downloadable Planner

Free printable menu planner and grocery list

Menu Planner

Menu planning always simplifies things.  It probably doesn’t save me money as much as others because I’m just not in the habit of getting takeout if I haven’t planned dinner.  But if you are then menu planning will save you money as well as simplifying the dinner hour.  For me, I usually just end up cooking something that is less than special or I get in a rut (scrambled eggs for dinner anyone?).

I saw this very cute printable menu planner and grocery list and think that it will inspire me to get back on the wagon of menu planning.  I thought I’d share it with you all and hopefully inspire anyone who’s fallen off the wagon with me to get back to planning meals.  It’s over at The Postman’s Knock.





  1. Hi Ellen! Thanks so much for sharing my printable menu planner! If you’d like a picture to go with this post, I’d be happy to send one over! My email address is; just shoot me an email and I’ll send you a photo.

    Thanks again!


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