How to Flash Freeze

Has this happened to you? You get a good deal on something and quickly throw the excess in the freezer–and then you’re stuck with a huge block of frozen whatever.  Learn how to flash freeze items so you can pull out just what you need. And always take a few extra minutes to package things […]

Make Ahead Freezer Meals: Recipes & Batch Cooking Ideas

Whether you actually like to cook or not, having a small freezer stash of either full meals (think casserole) or meal kits (think chicken or flank steak frozen in a bag with marinade that can be moved the fridge in the morning or the night before to defrost, then thrown on the grill or into […]

How to Boil Ground Beef

This is a great way to cook up 5 to 10 (or more) pounds of ground beef at a time, with no spatters to clean up. Later you can use it to make soup, hamburger stroganoff, chili, tacos, burritos, goulash, shepherd’s pie—whatever you normally make with ground beef. Put the ground beef in a big […]

Potatoes Romanoff – Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Here’s an easy recipe for when you’re entertaining. You can prepare them ahead of time and then bake later at dinner while you’re visiting with your company. If you need to peel potatoes ahead of time, keep them in a bowl of water to prevent them from browning. Save

Planning Ahead for Pizza Night

Friday night I made pizza, even though it was just me here for dinner. I happen to love pizza! I made my new favorite bread machine pizza dough recipe and divided it into 4.  I rolled three of the pieces of dough out and baked them one at a time at 450F on parchment paper […]