Spinach Salad with Seasoned Rice Vinegar

The simplest Spinach Salad ever–and healthy too! I love spinach salad. I am actually not fond of cooked spinach, although I try to fix it now and then because I know it’s packed full of good things. My mother used to serve cooked spinach with lemons that we could squeeze onto the pile of wilted, limp leaves. A bit of salt as well and I’m okay but not particularly enjoying myself. But raw spinach, in salads, I love! The fancy spinach salads, with bacon and onions and a wonderful dressing are divine. But I’ve found a 1 minute substitute that is pretty danged good. I buy a big bag of already cleaned spinach. Perhaps not “cheap” but this way I eat spinach and my good health is a worthy investment I think. I put a very liberal amount on a plate. Then I sprinkle it with seasoned rice vinegar. A tiny bit of salt, if you’re a salt-fiend like me. That’s it. Seasoned rice vinegar makes a great frugal salad dressing.



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