Back to the Curry: This Time with Tofu

My earlier tofu curry was good but it lost something as leftovers, as the tofu had no firm definition. I made it again last night but fried the cubed tofu up in a bit of olive oil until it was nicely browned all over and then I added some minced garlic and chopped onions and cooked them until they were softened.

Did the usual after that, adding some red curry paste, then coconut milk, fish sauce, broth (I used a vegetable broth), green peas, bamboo shoots, and some green beans this time rather than red pepper, only because I didn’t have any red pepper. I missed the red pepper; it provides a nice colorful touch and a bit of sweetness I think. I realized later I left out the sugar as well. This batch needed a bit more salt than normal (tofu being even milder than chicken maybe?) but the two adults eating it enjoyed it. I put in more red curry paste than I had before, which definitely kicked the spice notch up.

I just had some of the leftovers for lunch and it was great. The chicken curry works great for lunches the next day but the earlier version with the tofu was kind of bland. Browning it first really added a lot in terms of texture and it held up well as leftovers.



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