Save Money by Packing Lunches

Whether you’re packing lunch for yourself or your children, you probably end up running out of ideas and getting bored with your lunches at some point. I know I have. The sandwich, cookie and piece of fruit idea gets stale pretty quickly. Using leftovers from your dinner expands the horizon a bit, but packing them […]

Lunch Packing Tips

It’s back to school time!  Let’s share some lunch-packing tips. Here are some ideas about packing lunches that I wrote a while back.   Here are a few lunches I’ve packed using leftovers.  The little pig on the rice in the bottom left holds soy sauce. Top row: meatloaf and mashed potatoes; steak and salad and […]

Burrito Bowl: Chicken, Rice, Beans and More

I gather Chipotle made burrito bowl a common term for those who wanted to cut a few carbs out of a burrito.  Wherever the idea came from, it’s a good flexible meal and leftovers work well too, for packing up a lunch or eating a late dinner.  With my oldest living back at home but […]

Homemade Ranch Dressing

I keep tweaking this just slightly.  I’m lazy and found the original recipe of 1/2 cup this, 1/2 cup that and 6 Tbs (just 2 Tbs under 1/2 cup) to be a pain, so this last time I just made it with 1/2 cup each sour cream, buttermilk and mayonnaise. Came out great! And way […]

Chicken Curry Sandwich with Mango Chutney

Earlier I made this great grilled Greek -marinated chicken for dinner and purposely cooked an extra chicken breast because we can always find a good use for good cooked chicken in our lunches. First I mixed up some plain chicken salad with it, so my girls could enjoy that in a sandwich.  But for my […]