Easy Chili Verde Recipe, Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans

Our Sunday dinner last night was based on the easy chili verde recipe I’d promised to make for my youngest. I also made a skillet upside down cake with fresh cranberries.  All the leftover chili went home with my kids for their lunches. I had the rice and beans with salsa and cheese wrapped up in a flour tortilla for my lunch and it was fantastic.

Easy Chili Verde

I found pork stew meat on sale 50% and made some cheater chili verde with it last night.  I call it “cheater” because I just brown the cubed pork in a bit of oil, then add green salsa and let it simmer away for a few hours. I added more salsa during the last hour to thicken it up. I meant to add some cornstarch like I did in this version but I forgot. It was still great!

easy chili verde

Chili Verde

I made enchiladas with about half of the chili, just putting some of the chili on warmed corn tortillas, adding a bit of grated Mexican cheese, rolling them up and then topping the enchiladas with more green salsa. I baked them about half an hour.

Lime Cilantro Rice

I also cooked up some cilantro rice, again something I made these days without a recipe.  If I have time, I like to saute the rice in a bit of oil before adding broth or water to cook it. I did that last night. When the rice is done, add in a handful of chopped cilantro and a bunch of lime juice and some salt. Stir, taste and adjust.

rice with lime and cilantro

Rice with Lime and Cilantro

Pinto Beans

These pinto beans are about the easiest thing ever to cook.  I have several variations I’d written up earlier. Last night I used a recipe from Rick Bayless, which is even simpler and tastes fantastic with black or pinto beans.  For a pound of beans, cook them in 3 quarts water with a quartered onion and a couple of tablespoonfulls of bacon grease.  Simmer 2-3 hours, until tender. I don’t bother soaking them. I do rinse them off in a colander before cooking them. I’ve never yet found a stone but I always look!

pinto beans

Pinto Beans






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