Making Yogurt, Making Bread: All Lead to Killer French Toast

Yogurt Bread

I’ve been making bread and yogurt regularly the past few weeks.  The yogurt gets eaten, fed to chickens as a treat and baked with in my daughter’s favorite bread: yogurt bread.  And the hens have been laying well so…

The other morning I decided to make French toast with some of that yogurt bread and some fresh eggs. I always liked making French toast with Texas Toast, which is sliced thicker. Well, when you are making your own bread you can get those thick slices too!

French Toast

I use a rough ratio of 1 egg : 1/4 cup milk plus a pinch of salt, some sugar, some vanilla and some ground cinnamon for French toast.  You can see the French toast recipe here.

I cook it on a griddle and top it with butter and maple syrup.  A bit sweet for a normal breakfast but quite good for a treat!

You can freeze the leftovers if you won’t eat them up right away.




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