It’s summer and the tomatoes are plentiful and good.  I have tomatoes on toast for breakfast, sometimes with a scrambled egg but often just plain.  I get to walk out and pick the ripest tomatoes for my breakfast, which is about as good as it gets.  When the tomatoes become really plentiful, I make gazpacho. […]

Summer is Here! Summer Recipe Ideas

Summer arrived yesterday. I hooked up a mister around my chicken yard to help keep the birds cool.   Getting 3 eggs a day these days. Woo hoo!  Although the last “rooster” that my guy swapped out laid an egg the other day. He called to tell me. Apparently the Light Sussex are late bloomers but […]

Iceberg Lettuce with a Simple Cream Dressing

I had done an earlier variation of this dressing that Jacques Pepin has in his Fast Food My Way cookbook. This one, from The Supper Book: 10th Anniversary Edition, starts with cream but uses more vinegar and adds sugar for a sweet touch and leaves out the salt and pepper.   I used half and […]

Fresh Corn Salad: Great for Potlucks and Barbecues

I found this recipe in Penzey’s spice catalog and thought it would be great for the barbecue I had planned for Saturday.  When I have people over, I like to do as much ahead of time as possible and in this case I planned on making a few salads and then barbecuing a tri-tip when […]

Recipe: Another Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream or Yogurt

I am growing the most fantastic cucumbers this year. I bought the starts from the local nursery so I’m not sure what variety these are but I remember that they are a Japanese variety. They are at least a foot long and not too full of seeds. Really fantastic.  I did seed the one I […]