Zucchini and Corn Chalupas (aka Tostadas)

Are you still swimming in zucchini? I’ve made zucchini pickles (two batches because my boyfriend ate the first batch all up!), zucchini bread and now zucchini and corn chalupas.  I’ve started picking them smaller and smaller, which is fun when they still have the blossoms attached. I save those for fried squash blossoms.

squash blossoms

The other night I felt like chalupas (aka tostadas). I usually make these when I have a perfectly ripe avocado and let that be the star. I didn’t have any avocado but I did have some black beans, cooked up with some chipotle chiles for a little kick and thought at first I’d just make my usual chalupas but without the avocado.

I saw the zucchini on the counter and I had a couple of ears of corn in the refrigerator. They seemed like they’d go well together. I cut the corn off the cob and diced the zucchini . I cut up a red bell pepper about the same size and sauteed it all in some olive oil with a little salt until the bits were a bit charred.

charred zucchini, corn and red pepper

I fried up a couple of corn tortillas and spread the black beans on them, then topped that with the zucchini and corn, some lettuce, salsa and sour cream, scattering some chopped cilantro on top partially because it looked pretty and partially because I love cilantro.

zucchini and corn chalupas

This was a very satisfying dinner and one I’d happily repeat. Chalupas are a great way of using up different bits of various vegetables, whatever’s lurking in your refrigerator drawer–or garden!



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