Leftover Scramble

Last night was a solo dinner and I had leftovers to use up.  Eggs are one of my favorite meals for using up bits and pieces of things and last night’s leftover scramble was a great example.  I’d made pizza on New Year’s Eve and had leftover chopped vegetables, including peppers, onions, olives and peperoncini. I also had a leftover Hasselback potato.

I started by chopping up a slice of bacon and cooking it in a skillet while I chopped up the potato. When the bacon was crisp I added the potato, stirring it around and left it to crisp up a bit.  After a few minutes, I added a handful of the chopped vegetables plus a chopped tomato (the last from my garden) and cooked them until they were softened.  Last, I added the egg, stirring it around to scramble. When it was almost done, I threw on a bit of grated cheese.



  1. I do a “fancy” version of this and bake it in the oven. I call it crustless quiche, but it’s the same thing – leftover bits, eggs and cheese.

  2. yes! I do this too. I sometimes have breakfast for dinner as well (super cheap dinner) and make scrambled eggs with whatever leftovers I find.


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