Reuben Dogs

I love Reuben Sandwiches, especially when I go all out and make the Russian Dressing. And I’ve made Reuben burgers before, adding Russian Dressing and sauerkraut to a beef burger.  The other night I had some good beef hot dogs and some excellent brined sauerkraut (the kind you have to buy refrigerated so the probiotics are still active).

I like a hot dog with sauerkraut.  I had checked out Rachel Ray’s Book of Burgers from the library and saw that she had a Reuben Dog in there. I used her quickie version of dressing, but upped the proportion of ketchup to sour cream.  I didn’t have any pickle relish but did have some green tomato “rummage relish” a customer had given to Marlo. I used about equal proportions of ketchup and sour cream with a spoonful of relish.

reuben hot dog

Heat the hot dog and sauerkraut and put in a bun. Top with a slice of Swiss cheese and some Russian dressing. Mmmm.



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