Using Up Leftovers in Sandwiches: Kale Salad

I love having a salad or two in the refrigerator during the warmer weather. This kale salad holds up well and everyone I’ve served it to loves it. I’d never thought to make a kale salad sandwich before though.  I made the kale salad for dinner one evening, then had some for lunch a few days and then I was sort of tired of it.

Today I made a salami and mortadella sandwich. I started to put the salad on the plate but then I thought it would taste better in the sandwich–and it was great! I also had some hummus I’d made yesterday so I smeared some of that on the bread as well.

kale salad and hummus in sandwich


The bite of the kale with the lemon juice, garlic and cheese really livened up the sandwich.



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