Tzatziki Sauce Recipe: Yogurt with Cucumbers

There are variations of this in many different cuisines. Try to mix this up at least half an hour before eating so the flavors can blend.  You could mix this up in the morning and refrigerate until evening if you have time.  But it’s still good even if it only has half an hour to […]

Tahini Sauce Recipe

I first ate Tahini Sauce at a kebab and falafel restaurant when my fiddle teacher and I went out to lunch in Walnut Creek. It has a distinct flavor: a slight bitterness almost but in a really good way! I could not stop eating it. This version is from Jerusalem: A Cookbook, which is a […]

Quick Sausage and Black Bean Soup

This is a great weeknight soup as it goes together fast, has lots of flavor and doesn’t make too much.  Adding salsa to a soup is a great way to quickly add a lot of flavor. I like soup but many recipes just make too much for me. My sister shared this recipe with me […]

Shrimp in Coconut Sauce

I got this recipe from Cooking Light many years ago.  I like to serve red beans and coconut rice with these shrimp but plain rice or noodles would be good too. I usually serve some simple green vegetable like steamed snow peas with this. If your rice cooker has a steamer basket you can steam […]

Salisbury Steak aka Hamburger Steak with Onion Gravy

Ground beef mixed with egg, bread crumbs and seasonings, cooked with onions and gravy: pure comfort food on a cold winter night!  I like to serve them with mashed potatoes and peas. Does anyone know where the name Salisbury Steak comes from? My cynical side thinks it was a marketing ploy from the early days […]