Breakfast Burritos

My youngest has decided she loves breakfast burritos but I can’t cook them every day. Sunday I made a huge batch of fried potatoes and scrambled eggs with some cheese mixed in. Then I wrapped up a bunch of breakfast burritos and froze them. Pulled one out for her breakfast today and she was thrilled! I didn’t put any meat in them, just eggs and potatoes and cheese. You could of course add sausage or bacon or diced ham for variety.

My current plan is that every Sunday I make something nice for our Sunday breakfast that is freezable for midweek breakfasts or after-school snacks. We’ve cycled through pancakes, French Toast, and breakfast burritos so far.

Works great!



  1. I usually cut mine in small cubes and then fry in either olive oil, butter or a mix. Or if I’m feeling especially bad I use some bacon grase. I think they mash up more if you start with already cooked potatoes but that’s much faster. Also, don’t stir them too much. Let them get good and crisp before turning.

  2. How do you fry the potatoes? I’ve seen them in the freezer section, but when I’ve tried making them, the potatoes mash-up too much.


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