Apricot and Mustard Baked Chicken Thighs

There are lots of variations on this idea of baking chicken (or pork) with an apricot jam and mustard mix.  Sometimes there is some maple syrup added as in this version.  Recently I ran across recipes in both Dinner: A Love Story: It all begins at the family table and Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the […]

BLT Chicken Salad with Easy Ranch Dressing

Here’s another easy Ranch dressing.  In fact, I didn’t have buttermilk so I created a substitute with 1 teaspoon  of vinegar in 1/3 cup milk.  Just stir it in and let it sit for 5 minutes or so and you’ll have some slightly curdled buttermilk-like base for dressings. You can also use lemon juice. I […]

Chicken Burrito Bowls

I made the chicken burrito bowls again and played around with a different way to dress up the canned black beans for a day when I didn’t have time to caramelize onions. You just add some dried spices and a minced clove of garlic and voila!  Dressed up black beans.  Of course, if you were […]

Chicken Curry Sandwich with Mango Chutney

Earlier I made this great grilled Greek -marinated chicken for dinner and purposely cooked an extra chicken breast because we can always find a good use for good cooked chicken in our lunches. First I mixed up some plain chicken salad with it, so my girls could enjoy that in a sandwich.  But for my […]

Greek Grilled Chicken

I don’t often buy those jars of seasonings that are a mix as I prefer to mix up my own in different ways. However, Penzey‘s sent me a sample of their Greek Seasoning mix with one of my orders and I fell in love with it.  So far, I have only grilled chicken that has […]