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Roasted Green Olives

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Roasted Green Olives

These roasted green olives are cooked with orange zest and juice, garlic slices, rosemary sprigs, olive oil and crushed red pepper flakes. They are fantastic served warm but also delicious left over the next day and served at room temperature. I could not stop nibbling on them and am about to make another batch because […]

Chicken Pot Pie with Mushrooms and Leeks

Last night I made chicken pot pie with mushrooms and leeks for dinner. I picked up some boneless skinless chicken thighs on sale the other day, with no clear plan as to what I was going to make.  I used to plan out my meals every week and sometimes I still do that. But when […]

Corn and Three Onion Chowder with Roasted Hatch Chiles

This corn and three onion chowder came about because I’ve been cooking more with leeks lately. It was definitely soup weather and a chowder sounded perfect to me. I had some corn in the freezer, as well as some roasted Hatch green chiles. I also had some leftover steamed sauteed potatoes so I used those up […]

Cauliflower Cheese & Beer Soup

I have made cauliflower soup many times and I’ve made cheese and beer soup several times, and plain cheddar cheese soup as well. The other night it was cold here and I wanted soup again.  I’ve already made one batch of vegetable soup from Thanksgiving’s turkey. But I wanted something heartier this time. I spotted […]

Bubble and Squeak (Colcannon) Revised

I’ve made bubble and squeak several times but I’ve always made it by cooking the cabbage and potatoes separately or using leftover mashed potatoes. As I was thumbing through Joy of Cooking (Amazon link) the other night I saw that they cook the potatoes and cabbage (and green onions) together in one pot, then mash […]

Recipes from the Past

Chicken Burrito Bowls

I made the chicken burrito bowls again and played around with a different way to dress up the canned black beans for a day when I didn’t have time to caramelize onions. You just add some dried spices and a minced clove of garlic and voila!  Dressed up black beans.  Of course, if you were […]

Lemon and Leek Linguine

This came from the October 2010 issue of Cooking Light magazine.  I actually followed their serving suggestion as well and served it with lightly floured and seasoned chicken breasts, pounded thin and then cooked in butter and oil.  

Reality TV hits the Cooking Shows

I love watching cooking shows on television, although I don’t remember often enough to do it regularly and don’t have anything but the most basic cable. I’ve caught an episode of Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way, which was fun. The website has some fun little videos to watch as well. You can always learn […]

Marinated Chicken for the Grill

I love marinated barbecued chicken. Chicken is so mild without some help. I will frequently mix up a large batch of marinade and then put various pieces of chicken in freezer bags with portions of the marinade. When you’re in a hurry for dinner, pull out a bag of chicken the night or two before […]

Easy Fruity White Fish

I am on a “pantry challenge” of sorts, trying to use up most of what I’ve stocked up on previously. January is always a welcome month to cut back on the spending and I’m well-stocked with food, plus have oranges and lemons on the trees and a few leeks left in the garden. I had […]